Useful Links

YZU Introduction

Beyond Beauty-YZU 看見元智
YZU ME Advantages 元智工學院優勢
YZU ME Research 元智機械系研究
2015 Moocs – 電腦輔助設計與製造
2014 YZU-MIT Camp 回顧影片
i Life YZU

Dissertations, Journals and Patents

ProQuest, find dissertations
NovaCat, find dissertations
Marston Science Library, find UF dissertations
Electronic Theses and Dissertations System, find Taiwan’s dissertations
Journal Citation Reports, find the Impact Factors
Engineering Village, find Engineering Information (Ei) papers
ISI Web of Knowledge, find Science Citation Index (SCI) papers
NASA technical reports

Online Engines

WolframAlpha, online mathematics
Derivative, find derivative
Integrator, find integrator
Online Curve Fitting, find curve fitting
Conversion of Units, convert units
Memory and Storage Converter, convert bits

Physical Constants and Chemical Elements

Physical Constants
THE ELEMENTS, Periodic Table
ChemiCool, Periodic Table
Name, Periodic Table
Periodic Table with Oxidation Numbers
ATOMIC DATABASE FOR PLASMA, Ionization potentials
BOLSIG+ , Electron Boltzmann equation solver

Computational Fluid Dynamics and Parallel Computing

METIS, partitioning finite element meshes
Netlib, mathematical softwares
Message Passing Interface, MPI library
Hypre, parallel solvers
PETSc, parallel solvers
OpenFOAM, open source CFD toolbox
ISAAC, compressible Euler/Navier-Stokes code
FEATFLOW, High Performance Finite Elements code
CFD Online Software, Software related to CFD
Numerical Methods for Physics, Source code
Scientific Computing, Source code
Intel Fortran, download for Linux version
GNU Fortran, compilers
Fluent tutorials, Flow over an Airfoil
Specair, Model plasma spectra
NPARC Alliance Verification and Validation Archive